Free shipping - world wide


Is shipping really free?
Yes! We offer free shipping with our shipping partner DPD worldwide to every country.
Is the leather real stingray leather?
Yes! The offered Stingray products are 100% real ray leather! We refer directly from our supplier from Asia.
Are there problems with importing stingray products?
No! After ray leather is not covered by the Washington Convention on Species Protection, no additional documents or CITES documents are required for import and export.
How long does it take to get my bracelet?
All products will be shipped depending on the stock in 24-48 hours. For deliveries within Austria, the shipping time is usually 1-3 business days, for deliveries within the European Union 5-7 business days and for all other countries 10-21 days. The state of delivery can be checked at any time in DPD's shipment tracking.
Will I get discount?
Discount codes can be given by Envy Eden through promotions, offers or other advertising measures. The discount code can then be redeemed at the checkout.
How do I find the right bracelet size for me?
You can find the right size by using our size chart.
Find your size

The proper size and feeling is an essential part when selecting a new luxury bracelet.

Wrist size


Follow our guideline to get your perfect matching bracelet:


Step 1 Measure your wrist size with a strip of paper or a measuring tape. Do the measuring beyond your or ankle where you are going to wear your bracelet.

Step 2 If you are using a strip of paper to measure your size, mark the result with a pen and measure the length with a ruler oder similar instrument to get your real wrist size.

Step 3 To find the proper size, please compare your result with the following table


Envy Eden sizes Wrist size
S (womans size) 14,5cm -16,5cm
M (normal) 16,5cm - 19cm
L (broad wrist) 19cm - 20cm