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Stingray Leather

Stingray leather has a long history that goes back to the 18th century. Even then, this exquisite leather was processed for special purposes. For example this material was used to make accessories such as make-up cufflinks or opera glasses.

Stingray Leder
This leather is clearly not very common in our society. If you are looking for a combination of perfect looks, tear resistance and durability, you are in the right place choosing Stingray leather products of Envy Eden. The hard pearl cap, which has been ground flat by special techniques is the most common sign of high quality stingray leather.
Our Stingray leather products are 100% made of Asian skates. Even if this species is very common in China, its skin is a real rarity. Stingray is not subject to the protection of species and can therefore be traded without CITES documents.


If you are looking for a bracelet of a special kind, they are 100% right with the stingray bracelets of Envy Eden.
Find your size

The proper size and feeling is an essential part when selecting a new luxury bracelet.

Wrist size


Follow our guideline to get your perfect matching bracelet:


Step 1 Measure your wrist size with a strip of paper or a measuring tape. Do the measuring beyond your or ankle where you are going to wear your bracelet.

Step 2 If you are using a strip of paper to measure your size, mark the result with a pen and measure the length with a ruler oder similar instrument to get your real wrist size.

Step 3 To find the proper size, please compare your result with the following table


Envy Eden sizes Wrist size
S (womans size) 14,5cm -16,5cm
M (normal) 16,5cm - 19cm
L (broad wrist) 19cm - 20cm